We can no longer accept paper cups in our mixed recycling. Please put your waste paper cups in the general waste bins.

Although the University would like to continue to recycle these, the change is because the Material Recovery Facility (recycling plant) where the contents of our mixed recycling bins are sent no longer accept paper cups.  There has been a recent amendment to legislation and they are now unable to cope with the amount of contamination (e.g. part-full cups) they generally receive with this waste.  This in turn impacts what we can do at the University.

The ban also applies to Halls of Residence and the Enterprise/Science and Technology Centres.

If paper cups do continue to go in to the mixed recycling, then our waste contractor will be unable to collect our bins and we may have problems with backlogs of rubbish on all three campuses.

If  you need further information or assistance, please contact us on waste@reading.ac.uk.

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