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Month: April 2015


You can find everything you need to know about graduation on the Graduation website. Below you’ll find some of the key things you need to think about (or note) now.

Graduation takes place on Wednesday 8, Thursday 9 or Friday 10 July. It’s your chance to celebrate your achievements with your family, friends and coursemates.

Invitations and reminders for graduation were sent out in April, and the deadline to register has now passed. We’re currently in the middle of preparations for the ceremonies and look forward to seeing you there.

Students who have registered to graduate

If you have registered to graduate there are a some things you need to do next –

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Students who have not registered to graduate

  • If you don’t want to attend the ceremony you still need to complete the registration process so we know where to send your certificates. You can do this via the RISISweb Portal.
  • If you do not register you will ‘graduate in absence’

If you have any questions, please check the FAQs on our website.

If you can’t find an answer there, please email us on

Staying in contact after graduation

Introducing the Alumni Relations Team

The time for graduation is fast approaching, but although you will no longer be a University of Reading student, that doesn’t mean we want to lose touch!For the next stage of your journey, we want to welcome you to our alumni network of over 100,000 former Reading students. To register with this online community, all you need to do is visit our alumni website and sign up. You can also keep in touch by finding us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What’s in it for me?

  • Alumni discounts for further study
  • One-to-one careers advice for a year and networking opportunities
  • Annual alumni magazine (Connected) and regular e-newsletters
  • Online global community
  • Events and reunions
  • Library, sports park and accommodation discounts

How can I get involved?

  • Share your experience and give advice to future students
  • Transform lives by giving to Reading
  • Become an international volunteer or join a network
  • Provide a valuable work placement or employment opportunity for students
  • Participate in events

Look out for us at your graduation day where we will be offering some fun ways for you to commemorate the day with your classmates and family – more details soon…

Eateries and exams

Over the course of the examinations period we will be operating slightly different opening hours in two of our catering outlets, Dol.cHe Vita and Café Libro.

From 20 April to 10 June Dol.cHe Vita will be open at the following times:

Monday – Friday
07:30 – 09:00
12:00 – 14:00
17:00 – 18:00

Café Libro hours have been extended for the whole of the summer term (20 April to 12 June)




Remember that it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and take plenty of breaks during your revision and exams.

Student Community Awards

Nominate a University of Reading student who has made a contribution to the local community.

Each year the University’s Student Community Awards recognise the brilliant efforts of students who give up their spare time to help others. These unsung heroes help with local groups, organise fundraising activities for charities or carry out acts of kindness and generosity just because they see a need and want to help.

Nominations close on Wednesday 29 April 2015. (Nominations are usually made without the student’s knowledge.)

Please give as much detail as possible about what the student has done via the online nomination form.

Further information

Contact Ann Westgarth
0118 378 4479

Module selection 2015/6

For students beginning Part 2, 3 or 4 in September 2015 the deadline to choose your optional modules for the next Part of your degree programme is Friday 1 May (noon). Please go to the RISISweb Portal to make your optional module selection.

All students should, prior to making their choice, discuss their options with their personal tutor.

If you have problems accessing the RISISweb Portal and/or the online module selection web pages, then please contact RISIS for help –

For issues about selecting your actual modules:

You are required to have 120 credits worth of modules for the next Part of your degree programme. Any student who fails to complete their selection by the deadline will then have to wait until Welcome Week module surgery opens on Tuesday 22 September, by which time some modules may be full.

Quiet Period

The University Quiet Period runs from 18:00 on Sunday 20 April to 18:00 on Friday 12 June. The Quiet Period is a time during the summer term each year when the University and RUSU actively encourages students to be mindful of the noise regulations set out in Section 5 of your Hall handbook. The bulk of University exams take place during the summer term and the Quiet Period is enforced in order to ensure that the disturbance of students and residents in the local community is kept to a minimum.

What’s involved?

Throughout this period, when students are involved in revision and examinations, Halls’ normal noise regulations are strictly enforced. (See your Hall Handbook for further details)

Don’t make noise yourself…and don’t put up with anyone else being noisy

Offenders against the noise regulations may expect to be fined, in proportion to the seriousness of the disturbance, the time of the disturbance and their previous history. Other disciplinary sanctions may also be applied. Persistent offenders may be required to move out of the Hall.

Simple things you can do to help

Here are some steps to help ensure peace and harmony over the exams period:

  • Don’t make noise in communal areas in halls (such as kitchens)
  • Keep quieter when on your way to and from venues
  • When you get back home and want to continue the party, be considerate of your neighbours
  • If your neighbours knock and ask you to keep the noise down please don’t dismiss them
  • If you’re planning a house party, tell your neighbours and agree on a reasonable time for the party to end
  • During exam period – remember there are many students that will have exams both before and after you so please be considerate when you’re lucky enough to not have any exams!

Postgraduate Experience Surveys

We’re keen to make sure postgraduate students have the best possible experience while studying at the University of Reading. To do that we need to know what you think we are doing well and what we can do better. To this end we regularly take part in the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) and Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES). If you’re thinking about taking part this year, these are the answers to some of the questions students often ask:

What are they?

They are national surveys of postgraduate students inviting them to comment on their course and experience. The questionnaires take around 20 minutes to complete.

Why should I take part?

The surveys are your chance to tell us your thoughts about your programme and studies. It is also your opportunity to tell us what you have liked about your time here and things you feel could be improved.

What happens to the results?

Your feedback is important.  Over 100 universities and colleges take part. This means we can compare your experience against similar postgraduates at other institutions to see if we are supporting your learning as we should. We use the findings to improve our courses and the learning experience for future students.

What do they cover?

The survey will ask you about things like:  motivations for taking the programme, depth of learning, organisation, and professional development. It will also include a few extra questions about issues that are particularly relevant to us and to students at Reading.

What do I need to do?

You will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire relevant to you during the week commencing 13 April. Simply click on the link and enter in your username and password (also in the email) and complete the online form.


The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey closes on 14 May.

The deadline for the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey has been extended to 18 June.

Are they anonymous?

The surveys are anonymous and the University will not be able to identify you. However, you are provided with a username to ensure that only registered students can complete the surveys.

Want to know more?

If you are unsure about anything to do with the survey, or have any difficulty, please see your course or programme leader, or contact us the following contacts:

PTES (Taught Postgraduates): Maxine Davies, Planning and Strategy on 0118 378 6972 or by email at

PRES (Doctoral Researchers): Chris Robson, Graduate School on 0118 378 6169 or by email at

All the Essentials

Over the past year we’ve been working on a project to revamp our websites and other digital products. Today sees the launch of the beta version of the first of these products – Essentials.

Essentials gives you a new route into all the information that you could want as a student. It gives you a new way to navigate through the complex and detailed information aimed at students. Essentials has a bright new design and looks great on mobiles and laptops.

An exciting element of the new Essentials site is the fact that we can now deliver seasonally-relevant information at important points in the year. With the launch you will see information on Exams and Careers as you prepare for the summer term.

Whilst we’ve improved the navigation of the student information we’ve not yet addressed the information itself. As you delve into the site you will notice that you end up in old parts of the University’s website. As the project progresses, and Essentials matures we will be editing and reworking all of the student-facing information.

Eventually this site (and design) will completely replace the Student Pages (

How to get there

You can either use the link on the Student Pages homepage (which has also been given a refreshed design) or us this URL:

Add the site to your favourites today!

What’s coming?

Essentials – final release

All the key information for students will be brought under the Essentials banner. It will be edited and put into new mobile-friendly templates so you can access it easily and on the move. The bulk of this work will take place over the summer vacation in time for your return in September.


To complement the Essentials site we will also be launching a personalised student space called Me@Reading. In this space you will be able to find reminders, news and events that are relevant to you. You will also be able to see your inbox and timetable and get access to key systems (including Blackboard). All of this will be made possible through the implementation of student single sign-on.

In later versions of Me@Reading you will be able to track your academic progress and use new careers planning tools. The first release of Me@Reading should be here in September.

How can you help?

You can provide feedback on Essentials, especially around how we’ve grouped information and whether we’ve missed any key information. Let us know if you liked the Exams and Careers information, and what you would like to see as our next ‘key info’ campaign.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below.

If you’re signed up for the RED Award there will be the chance to attend workshops and focus groups on all the upcoming products – keep an eye on your inbox!

Extra study space over the 2015 summer examination period

For the duration of the summer examinations period selected teaching rooms have been converted into extra study areas for any student to use. Most rooms are available from 13 April to 22 May 2015, with some available until 12 June.

There is additional information about our general provision of study spaces on the Student Pages.

Individual quiet study

Please note: these rooms are not open at the weekends or on public holidays

Rooms available during the day All rooms 09:00-18:00

  • Business School 201 (24 places – available until 12 June)
  • Agriculture GU06 (20 places)

Rooms available into the evening All rooms 09:00-22:00

  • HumSS 175 (34 places)
  • HumSS 301 (30 places)

Rooms with PCs

  • JJ Thomson 128/129PC (30 places) (09:00-18:00)
  • HumSS 172PC (10 places) (09:00-22:00)

Don’t forget that the Library (you’ll need to use your Campus Card to gain access after 17:00) and the Study provide 24-hour facilities.

Code of Conduct for the Quiet Study rooms

These rooms are for individuals who wish to work in silence. Please be respectful of others studying in the room.

  • do not use your iPod or play any other music that can be heard by others
  • keep laptop speakers muted
  • keep mobiles in silent mode
  • do not take or make calls on your mobile
  • leave the room tidy so that others can use it after you
  • only consume bottled water, no other food or drink may be consumed in the room
  • do not leave your belongings unattended

The closure times noted above are the times that the buildings/rooms will be locked up. You are asked finish working and to leave the study rooms 10 minutes before the buildings are closed.


In the event of a problem with the room (or other occupants) please use the contact points listed below:


Times open

Contact room

Agriculture GU06 09:00-18:00 School Office 1U09
Business School 201 09:00-18:00 Ground Floor reception desk
HumSS 172 HumSS 175 HumSS 301 09:00-18:00 Room 178
HumSS 172 HumSS 175 HumSS 301 18:00-22:00 The Porter in the HumSS Building
JJ Thomson 128/129PC 09:00-18:00

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