Over the past year we’ve been working on a project to revamp our websites and other digital products. Today sees the launch of the beta version of the first of these products – Essentials.

Essentials gives you a new route into all the information that you could want as a student. It gives you a new way to navigate through the complex and detailed information aimed at students. Essentials has a bright new design and looks great on mobiles and laptops.

An exciting element of the new Essentials site is the fact that we can now deliver seasonally-relevant information at important points in the year. With the launch you will see information on Exams and Careers as you prepare for the summer term.

Whilst we’ve improved the navigation of the student information we’ve not yet addressed the information itself. As you delve into the site you will notice that you end up in old parts of the University’s website. As the project progresses, and Essentials matures we will be editing and reworking all of the student-facing information.

Eventually this site (and design) will completely replace the Student Pages (www.reading.ac.uk/student).

How to get there

You can either use the link on the Student Pages homepage (which has also been given a refreshed design) or us this URL:

Add the site to your favourites today!

What’s coming?

Essentials – final release

All the key information for students will be brought under the Essentials banner. It will be edited and put into new mobile-friendly templates so you can access it easily and on the move. The bulk of this work will take place over the summer vacation in time for your return in September.


To complement the Essentials site we will also be launching a personalised student space called Me@Reading. In this space you will be able to find reminders, news and events that are relevant to you. You will also be able to see your inbox and timetable and get access to key systems (including Blackboard). All of this will be made possible through the implementation of student single sign-on.

In later versions of Me@Reading you will be able to track your academic progress and use new careers planning tools. The first release of Me@Reading should be here in September.

How can you help?

You can provide feedback on Essentials, especially around how we’ve grouped information and whether we’ve missed any key information. Let us know if you liked the Exams and Careers information, and what you would like to see as our next ‘key info’ campaign.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below.

If you’re signed up for the RED Award there will be the chance to attend workshops and focus groups on all the upcoming products – keep an eye on your inbox!

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