Every year the University holds a children’s poetry competition, in commemoration of Raymond Wilson (1925-1995), former Emeritus Professor of Education at the University. The competition is open to all students.

The winner, with the whimsical poem ‘how to turn your dog into a dinosaur’ was Sam Hazle, a School Direct Primary Programme student at the Institute of Education. You can read his winning entry below:


This one’s a fun one but you have to get it right

If you don’t follow my instructions you’ll get an awful fright

First you need a dog, this part is vital

But I’m sure you guessed that, just look up at the title

Next get some paint, green is what I recommend

It’s a much more dinosaur colour and keeps up with the trend

Find the biggest paintbrush, cover the whole dog in green

Make sure you put a blanket down to keep the carpet clean

Then we’ll need some spikes as all good dinos do

Use ice-cream cones and tape them on or you can always use some glue

Now your dino dog should be starting to transform

You’ll need a roar, so that then your animal can perform

Depending on the dog the growl and roar will vary

But each animal’s noise is so unique, we just need to make it scary

If the roar is too quiet then you need to change this quick

Attach a microphone to its collar and that should do the trick

Now you should have a dogasaurus of your very own

Take him with you everywhere and you’ll never be alone


The poem was judged by Stephanie Sharp, BA Education Course Leader, children’s poet James Carter, and primary school students. One student commented of Sam’s wonderful words, “They are like real instructions.”

Well done Sam!

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