This is the best time to be thinking of getting away from the campus for a weekend, and visiting the smaller towns and countryside. And there is no better way to do this than in the company of the people who live there.

The University subscribes to HOST UK so that our international and EU students can have the opportunity to meet British residents in their own homes, and to visit areas that tourists don’t reach. A HOST visit is a wonderful chance for international students to experience the real life of this country, to change their perceptions, and to make friends with a wide range of British people.

One student who has just returned from a HOST visit in the south-west corner of England said:

‘For a crash course on the British history and to experience the true British culture filled with lovely British people and amazingly delicious home-cook meals plus exploring of gorgeous Britain’s countryside, go for a HOST visit.’

HOST UK visits are safe and they are given to international students by the kindness of the hosts. You pay for your travel. The University of Reading will pay the application fee for the first 100 applications for first time visits. After the first 100 applications have been approved students will need to pay the application fee directly to Host UK.

Visit our Host UK information page for further details.

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