Recently, an organisation was discovered on campus attempting to promote their essay writing services to students.

This organisation has now been removed, but we wanted to take this opportunity to bring awareness to plagiarism, and to provide more information if you’re not too sure about what it is!  11434

The University’s definition of plagiarism can come in several forms, including using another person’s work, content from a published paper or on a website. Like all academic institutions, Reading takes plagiarism incredibly seriously, and students who are found to have plagiarised can be faced with a number of penalties; the most severe of which being expulsion from the University. To find out about the full details on academic misconduct, visit our Examinations office page.

Even without considering these penalties, using someone else’s work also means that you are not getting the most out of your degree or your time here! The skills you learn from assessment (constructing an argument, written communication, organisation and planning) will put you in good stead for life after graduation.

If you see anyone suspicious around campus trying to distribute information on these services, please let Security Services know.

If you need help or advice on an essay or any written work, remember you can visit Study Advice on the first floor of the library, and visit Essentials for some quick tips!

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