We wanted to provide you with an update on the Library redevelopment project. Work is due to commence from June 2016, and we are currently in the process of finalising the project contractor.














At this point, a contractor is due to be appointed late March/ early April– once this has been completed, we will be able to provide you all with more detailed information on upcoming works.

A presentation was delivered by staff from the Library to the University Leadership Group in early March, and this will be made available to you shortly.

Construction for the project will begin in mid July.  Between then and the start of the autumn term, several large-scale construction tasks are planned in the Library. These include:

  • Enclosing the site and erecting large overhead protection platforms at either end over the access road and the front entrance area
  • Installing large partitions inside the Library to segregate the planned working areas
  • Demolition and removal of one of the staircases; punching holes in the ground floor
  • Foundation works in the basement for new lifts
  • Refurbishing ground floor offices
  • Temporary modifications to the café.

At  times there will be noise, and access to some areas will be restricted. Specific details of what this is likely to entail will be provided as soon as possible.

Whilst the majority of undergraduate students will be away from Reading for the summer vacation, we are very aware of the possible impact of this on taught postgraduates completing dissertations, PhD and other researchers, and any undergraduates working on dissertations.

Be assured that the Library will maintain its usual summer vacation opening hours and all printed books on Floors 2-4 will remain accessible. Library staff will still be on hand to help, including your Liaison Librarian, as will the Study Advice and Maths Support teams.

The University and the Library will continue to provide as much information as possible on the proposed works and alternative arrangements during this time. We are currently exploring providing alternative study spaces, including some with PCs, and will update you as soon as any plan is complete.  In the meantime, a list of PC areas beyond the Library can be found here. Extra study space is also available at RUSU’s ‘The Study’, and unreserved teaching spaces can be booked via Room Bookings (rooms@reading.ac.uk). Take a look at our recent post on study space over the exams period, too. 

At any time during Library refurbishment 2016-19, you will find further information and day-to-day updates at www.reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.

If you have queries on any of the above please contact Julia H. Munro via email or call extension 8774


Construction phases
Phase Description Start Finish
Early Works Site Establishment / Internal Segregation / Demolition Stair Core 2 / Cycle Shed / Commence GFSouth & East Preparation Jul 16 Oct 16
Phase 1 Construction for New Stair Core 2 / New Toilets / New Café / GF South & East Refurbishment Stage 1 Oct 16 Jan 17
Phase 2 1st Floor Refurbishment Q1 17 Q3 17
 Phase 3 Ground Floor Refurbishment Stage 2 Q3 17 Q2 18
 Phase 4 Ground Floor Refurbishment Stage 3 Q3 17 Q2 18
 Phase 5 4th Floor Refurbishment Q3 18 Q4 18
 Phase 6 3rd Floor Refurbishment Q4 18 Q3 19
 Phase 7 2nd Floor Refurbishment Stage 1 Q3 19 Q4 19
 Phase 8 2nd Floor Refurbishment Stage 2 Q3 19 Q4 19




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