We are approaching the exams and assessment period, and many of you will be planning on spending more time on campus to study.

As well as using the library, there are several spaces around campus which are pre-booked for your use during this busy time. Please see below for more information:


Rooms available during the day (9am-6pm)

  • Business School 201 (24 places – available 25 April – 3 June
  • Agriculture GU06 (20 places) – available 18 April – 3 June (apart from 25-29 April)

Room available in the evening (6pm-10pm)

  • HumSS 301 (30 places) (18:00-22:00) – available 25 April – 10 June

Room with PCs (9am-10pm)

  • HumSS 173 PC (10 places) – available 18 April – 3 June

Please note that these rooms are not available over the weekend.


Booking rooms yourself

Whilst these rooms have already been booked out, remember that you can also book rooms yourself.

Just complete the room booking form at the bottom of the timetabling webpage, and return it via email.

A few things to remember…

  • Return the form from your University email address. Messages from external emails (Hotmail, Gmail etc.) can’t be actioned.
  • Student revision bookings can only be accepted in 2 hour blocks and, where possible, individual revision should happen in one of the allocated Student Study Spaces.
  • If bookings are needed in the evening (after 18:00) the request needs to be received the week previously.
  • If there are any empty rooms, you are permitted to use them for revision, but if someone turns up for a booking, you must vacate.  Bookings are displayed on the sheet on the front of the door, but any bookings made after the Thursday the week previously will not appear.


Whatever deadlines and exam dates you have coming up, good luck!


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