If you are a Tier 4 student, please be aware that there is currently a telephone scam going around.

Tier 4 Sponsor Premium Customer Service Team explains the scam below:

The scam consists of the student receiving a telephone call from an individual who pretends to represent the Home Office.

The caller tells the student to verify their telephone number, 020 7035 4848 on the www.gov.uk website, search for Home Office, and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen so that they can verify that the caller is calling from the genuine Home Office number.  The caller ID on the student’s mobile does show this number.

The caller is in possession of the students full name, postcode in the UK and passport number, and asks the student to confirm those details are correct.

They then proceed to tell the student they have not paid for an immigration service and, as a result, have to pay a fine (usually £1200 – £1520) or they will be reported to the Police/or the Home Office who will detain or deport them.

Students who have been targeted have reported that the fraudsters become increasingly insistent and verbally aggressive resulting in them feeling coerced in to making payment.

With this information in mind, please do be extra vigilent. Contact the International Advice office at m.d.daley@reading.ac.uk with any queries.

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