Early works for the Library refurbishment will continue to take place over the next few weeks.

The majority of activity will focus on preparing the southern (glassed in) staircase for demolition and continuing the erection of external hoardings.librefurb

Notable works leading up to Sunday 14 August are:

Week 1 (from 1 August): Work began around Cafe Libro to ensure that the café can continue to operate during the works. A new store was created and hoardings were installed to separate the café from the works, ensuring that you can still get your coffee! The vending machines have also been relocated. Work around the southern (glassed in) staircase continued across most floors in preparation for its demolition– this involved hoardings being set up around the stair core and a small amount of furniture being moved. The 20 bike hoops within the Library undercroft have been relocated to the URS undercroft within the gravel area next to existing bike hoops.

Week 2 (from 8 August): Preparations for the demolition of the southern staircase will continue across all floors– hoardings will be erected and a small amount of furniture will be moved out. Elsewhere, former staff offices on the Ground floor will be stripped out, and temporary power and water supplies will be added to the contractor’s temporary accommodation.

External hoarding will continue to be put up around the Library. This will surround the bike racks in the undercroft- so they have been temporarily relocated next to the bike hoops by the URS Building for the time being. The main bike racks to the front of the building will stay in operation until next year.

A floor-by-floor view is available for additional information.

Any noisy work will be carried out each morning up until 10:00am.

Contact Robin Hunter if you have any queries about the works taking place.

For further information about the refurbishment, please visit www.reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.


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