For students looking to study on Whiteknights campus this weekend – Saturday 29 April, Sunday 30 April and Monday 1 May – the Library study space in the URS building will be open 24-hours (except Saturday night).

The Library building is also open 09:00-22:00 for access to books. Please speak to Library staff if you need help finding a space.

RUSU’s The Study will also be open between 8am and 9pm on these days.

If you want access to a computer, you can access 24-hour labs in other buildings with your Campus Card:

  • Agriculture (GL20) – 30 PCs
  • Meteorology (GL68) – 20 PCs
  • Palmer (G09) – 20 PCs

We understand that this is a busy time for students, and there are other spaces you can use to study when the University is open.

The Free Room Finder will help you identify available rooms in nearby buildings like Miller, Edith Morley, Allen-Lab or Palmer. These rooms can be booked through Room Bookings (email:; phone – 0118 378 6507).

If you are prefer to use a room in some other part of the campus or on London Road, the Free Room Finder will help identify a suitable room.

There are also a number of alternate study spaces around the campus that could be used.

For further information, check out the Library Refurbishment Project page.

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