When you begin your studies at the University you will be allocated a member of academic staff from your School/Department as your Personal Tutor.

Your Personal Tutor acts as a key point of contact within your School/Department throughout your degree. They will help to guide you in your studies and introduce you to a wider network of development opportunities within the University.


Your Personal Tutor can help you to:

  • Make decisions about your course and reflect on your academic progress
  • Formulate plans to support your academic and personal/professional development
  • Connect you to other academics and opportunities in your field of study or subject area

Meeting with your Personal Tutor

Regular contact with your Personal Tutor is important and will help you to get the most out of your University experience. You should meet with them regularly (at least once a term) to reflect on your academic progress and support your personal/professional development.

Keeping your Personal Tutor up to date with progress in your studies and your involvement in any co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will allow them to give you better advice and sounder references to support your academic or career progression.


Changing Personal Tutor?

If you feel the relationship between you and your Personal Tutor is not functioning as it should, you can request a re-allocation. Please discuss this with your School’s Senior Tutor in the first instance.

If your Personal Tutor leaves the University you will be allocated another Tutor in their place.


5 topic ideas to discuss with your Personal Tutor:

  1. Improving your knowledge of a topic/subject beyond the classroom
  2. Careers, work experience and networking (including how to network effectively!)
  3. Essay and coursework advice
  4. Extracurricular activities that compliment your subject or area of study
  5. Making the most of your lectures and seminars


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