There are many opportunities to get involved with faith and religion during your time at university. Aside from practising your faith they offer a great community and can be a huge support to you.

Here are some of the faith societies that you could join:

  • Islamic Society
    This society aims to provide support to students in their academic and social life alongside their religious journey. Join their Facebook groups and see how you can get involved!
  • Christian Union
    The Christian Union vision is that every student at Reading Uni will have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to it. Throughout the autumn term, they are holding their CU Central meetings on Thursdays in Humss G27 at 7pm. Come along and find out how you can get involved.
  • Hindu Society
    Join the Hindu Society and become part of their learning and sewa (selfless service) events and gain a deeper understanding of Hinduism. Immerse yourself in celebrations at their flagship Diwali Ball and Holi events. With regular events and socials in collaborations with other societies, you can easily make new friends.
  • Sikh Society
    The Sikh Society holds regular talks, Kirtan Darbars, social events, and Gurdwara trips in order to raise awareness about Sikhi on campus. They also host many fun social events such as bowling, go-karting and paintballing!
  • Jewish Society
    This society hosts events such as weekly Friday night dinners on campus, challah baking, Hebrew lessons and also running assemblies in local primary schools about Judaism.

All these societies meet regularly and run events, so they’re a great way to meet new, like-minded people!

In addition to this, the Chaplaincy on campus is a great way to get involved too! They offer other faith groups such as the Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society (RAHS). They are open 8.30-5.30 Monday-Friday in Park House Lodge for anyone to drop by. The Chaplaincy has six chaplains who are a diverse group from many local churches who can offer support to students and staff, whatever their religious beliefs. They have a weekly schedule of events which include Catholic Mass, soup lunch, Quaker Meetings and even Bread Making!

Click here to view the weekly chaplaincy events.

The campus also hosts other facilities such as the Muslim Centre, which is found at Archway Lodge.