Run your own Welcome Week event

Have you ever wanted to run your own event? We have an exciting opportunity for students to organise and run their own Welcome Week activity for the new Part 1 cohort this September.

You have all been a new student at the University, understand what it feels like and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on and here is your chance!

The activities can be anything that helps the new students to make friends, find out useful information or feel comfortable in the next stage of their education.



If you would like to run your own session you need to

  • Email Charlotte from the Welcome Week team – – with any questions or for more information.
  • Think of a great idea for an activity.
  • Create a proposal and a budget – let us know why this would be beneficial to the students and what they will get out of your session.
  • Think about when in Welcome Week you want your activity to run – is there a specific time and date?



  • Achieve hours for the RED Award.
  • Great for your CV with event or project management.
  • Develop your organisation and management skills
  • Pass on valuable information to new students and help them settle in
  • Experience of working in a customer facing role outside of retail environment


All suggestions will be reviewed and the chosen ones will be arranged to run in Welcome Week.

Final deadline for activity submissions is 23rd March 2018

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