Top Up Your Degree: Choose a Language Module

Believe it or not, on 17th April, module selection opens for 2018-19.  Have you thought about studying a language module with the IWLP (Institution-Wide Language Programme)?

Your new language studies will add to your overall skill set. Being able to communicate in more than one language has many benefits. You will expand your understanding and appreciation of other cultures.  You will develop your critical thinking and observation skills.  You will learn how to really communicate in the new language, using skills applicable to the work place.  What you do varies from class to class, but you may give a presentation, watch a film and take part in a discussion, interview your classmates, write an email or a post in a blog, all in the target language.    IWLP classes are a fantastic way to meet people outside your subject in a lively, small group environment.  Class sizes are usually around 16-18 students, so you have more interaction with the tutor, receive regular feedback and get to know your classmates very well.  Learning a language can help transform you into a global citizen, comfortable and confident wherever you are.

The IWLP runs modules in 11 languages at a variety of levels.  If you are a beginner, you can start from scratch, or if you have some prior knowledge, you take a short placement test to see which level best suits your knowledge.

There are many classes, so there is a good chance one will fit in with your timetable.

Or how about studying overseas for just a 2 week period, and use that experience as part of a 20 credit module? (Additional costs apply).  There are 4 new modules called IWLP French with Academic placement in France – other destinations will soon be available too!    To find out more about these placement module opportunities in France, come along to a short meeting at one of the following times:

  • Wed 18 April 4-5pm Edith Morley 126F
  • Thurs 19 April 1-2pm Edith Morley 204
  • Fri 20 April 1-2pm Edith Morley 254



Find out more at or look on RISIS for our modules, starting LA1XX….

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