University Quiet Period

The University Quiet Period will run from 6pm on Sunday 15 April until 6pm on Friday 8 June. 

The Quiet Period is a time during the summer term each year when the University and RUSU actively encourages students to be mindful of the noise regulations set out in Section 5 of your Hall handbook. The bulk of University exams take place during the summer term and the Quiet Period is enforced in order to ensure that the disturbance of students and residents in the local community is kept to a minimum.
What’s involved?
Throughout this period, when students are involved in revision and examinations, Halls’ normal noise regulations are strictly enforced. (See your Hall Handbook for further details)

Be conscientious, and don’t put up with others who aren’t
Offenders against the noise regulations may receive harsher fines during the Quiet Period, with a penalty for a first offence starting at £25. Other disciplinary sanctions may also be applied. Persistent offenders may be required to move out of the Hall.

Simple things you can do to help
Here are some steps to help ensure peace and harmony over the exams period:
• Don’t make noise in communal areas in halls (such as kitchens)
• Keep quieter when on your way to and from venues
• If your neighbours knock and ask you to keep the noise down please don’t dismiss them
• Remember there are many students that will have exams both before and after you so please be considerate when you’re lucky enough to not have any exams!

Find out more about the University expectations of student conduct.

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