We have been made aware of a fraudulent scam that is currently targeting Chinese students in the UK, including Chinese students at Reading.

Students have received calls from people falsely claiming to be from the Chinese Police or Chinese Embassy. In most cases, they have told students that they are suspected of criminal activity and have asked students to provide them with personal details, bank details, and have requested that students transfer money to them.

Please be aware of any suspicious calls, emails or messages on social media coming from contacts that you don’t recognise. Students are being contacted in Chinese and the people making these calls may already have some personal details, which makes their story very convincing.

If you have any concerns or think you may have been a victim of this scam, please contact the ISLI Admin Office/International Student Advisory team (email all queries to int.adv@reading.ac.uk or call +44 (0)118 378 5555) who will be able to report this to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau for you.

If you have experienced fraud and are worried about this, you can also access the University’s Counselling and Wellbeing service for emotional support.

While we have been made aware of this particular scam targeting Chinese students, here are some general reminders for all students on how to protect yourself from fraud:

  • You should never give away any personal details (such as your ID/passport number, date of birth, passwords) over the phone or email to someone you don’t know or who can’t provide evidence of their identity.
  •  You should never share any bank details or transfer money to someone who you don’t know or don’t owe money to.
  • If you receive a call which you’re unsure of or which you think might be fraudulent, tell them that you will call back later and hang up. Then you can contact the police, embassy or bank to find out whether the call was genuine.
  •  Check your bank statements/online banking regularly for any activity that you don’t recognise.
  •  If you have had any calls or emails which you found suspicious, block these contacts so they cannot contact you again.

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