Top Tips on Being a Good Neighbour

Being on bad terms with your neighbours can make life a lot more difficult – but there are some simple things you can do to establish and maintain good relationships with them through the course of your tenancy. Here are a few tips on being the best neighbour you can possibly be:

Introduce yourself

The first step to having a great relationship with your neighbours is finding out who they are! That way it’s easier to approach one another if any issues arise. It might feel daunting to approach a neighbour directly – if the thought fills you with dread, perhaps consider posting a card through their door, briefly introducing yourself and letting them know that they can contact you in the event that they need to address any issues.

Respect your neighbours

Try to take into account your neighbours’ schedules, which may look quite different from your own. If you find yourself coming home late, try to keep noise to minimum and make sure they know that they can approach you if any problems occur. Keep your street looking like the kind of place you’d want to live – avoid littering and ensure that the exterior of your house is kept neat and tidy.

Figure out the bin situation!

Find out when your rubbish collection days are, and try not to miss them. Keeping your rubbish well contained and collected on time will avoid all sorts of nasty smells and unwelcome creatures from appearing outside your house, and your neighbours will appreciate it.

Keep your neighbours in the loop

Throwing the occasional party is fine, but try to give your neighbours a little bit of notice in advance, and make sure they know how to contact you if they need to ask you to control noise levels. Try to give them an idea of when the party will wrap up, and remind your guests to be considerate of your neighbours when they’re leaving.

If you are experiencing any problems with neighbours and would like some advice, please contact RUSU’s Housing Advice Service on 0118 378 4100 or email at

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