How to Make Halls Heaven

Second Year French Student, Katherine explains ‘How to Make Halls Heaven’.

If you speak to anyone who has lived in university halls before, they will probably tell you they miss it – I agree. From the first day of moving into halls there really is a sense of community, you all have the same little room, you’re all probably freshers and you’re all ready to make new friends! After freshers’ week is over and you’re suddenly going to bed at a normal time, the reality of living away from home might hit you. Personally, I think remembering a few things can help make it easier:

· Remember to buy enough food, but not too much so that it will go out of date before you manage to eat it, we’ve all been caught out by green bread too many times.

· Try not to let little things bother you such as a flatmate leaving a lot of their kitchen equipment on the side (as long as you have your fair share of space it should be OK, at some point during the year you might need some extra space for a bit too).

· Remember that there’s always the Halls Hotline you can call if people are being noisy and disruptive, but also remember to try not to disturb others when you come home late yourself – which can sometimes be hard to remember when you’re having a good time, but your flatmates will definitely appreciate it!

· If you can, cook more than one portion of a meal at once and then keep the leftovers in the fridge for another day, your future self will thank you!

· It’s nice to keep your door propped open so you can say hi to people as they move around the flat, but if you need your alone time all you have to do is close your door – phew!

Living in halls is great fun and there are so many people to meet, as much hot water as you need and it’s blissfully close to your lectures when you have a 9am – overall an amazing experience!

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