5 Tips for your first term at University, to help ease those nerves!

Third Year History Student, Grace shares her 5 Tips for First Term.

Bring Sharing Supplies

On the first day that you arrive at Uni it can be scary and hard to start conversations with the new students in your accommodation. A great and easy way to start conversations is by bringing something that you can offer to others such as flapjacks, biscuits or even beer! It doesn’t matter if they don’t accept the offer, it gives you a conversation starter.

Buy a doorstop!

Another tip for your first day is to keep your door open. When others arrive, it makes it much easier for both them, and you to introduce yourselves.

Fantastic friends?

The very first people you meet in your accommodation or during freshers can be great. However, there are over 14,000 students at the University of Reading! Never assume you are done getting to know new people. There’s plenty of great people to meet, so even if you don’t make your best friends when you first move in, don’t lose heart.

No Pressure.

You shouldn’t feel the need to impress everyone to make friends. If you’re not into drinking games and clubbing, just because everyone around you is doing it, does not mean you need too. If you’re not used to drinking a lot, then take it easy. If you feel pressured by someone to do something you are uncomfortable with, then they probably won’t make a good friend!

There is more than one type of club at Uni…

Go to the society fayre and sports society fayre, pick three that sound fun, and go to some taster days! Societies are one of the best ways to meet new people and make great friends. Though avoid trying out too many at once, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself!

You’ve spent £9000 for a reason!

University should be a wonderful time, and not only because you get to meet new people and try out different things, but also because you get to learn from professors who are the best in the subject area you love! Get into a good routine and go to lectures. Hangovers are not a good excuse. You are here for a very short three years, so, make the most of everything university has to offer!

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