How to get essentials now you’re in Reading

Second Year French Student, Katherine explains how to get essentials now you’re in Reading.

Packing for university is always difficult and no matter how hard we try we are very likely to have forgotten something that we’re going to need. Fortunately, Reading has loads of places you can get these things, all reachable on public transport or on foot!

· Firstly, if you want to go to Reading town centre to go to shops such as Wilko’s, Poundland and Boots for extra stationary and household supplies it couldn’t be easier. Walking to town from the Park Group area on campus should only take about half an hour, but when it’s raining, you don’t have spare time or you’re going to be buying heavy stuff the Claret 21 bus runs from just outside the Chancellors building right into the town centre. A day rider ticket costs £2.50 for students, which you can buy on their mobile app now.

· Sometimes it’s not just little things that we forget to bring, and a trip to IKEA may be the solution. The number 15 bus runs from Reading Town Centre to IKEA for when you need an extra bit or furniture or you just have a craving for meatballs.

· Co-ops are around every corner in Reading but when you want a bit more selection it’s nice to go to a supermarket. Personally, I think the easiest is Sainsbury’s on Friar Street in town, though if you’re closer to Earley you could walk to ASDA if you’re feeling energetic.

· It can be easy to forget all the shops on campus sometimes, but they often have everything you need so you don’t even have to make a special journey to get something. Between Campus central and Blackwell’s you will be covered for stationary, birthdays and University of Reading merchandise, of course. Also, if you’re looking for oriental food, Seoul Plaza in RUSU has a huge array!

Don’t panic if you do forget anything, you’ll likely be able to borrow from a flatmate and going shopping is a good way to get to know the local area!

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