Tips for First Year

Second Year Business Management Student, Jemma shares her Tips for First Year.

Congratulations and welcome to adulthood. It’s time to escape the parents, fly the nest and enter the weird and wonderful world that is university. But it isn’t as simple as that: pots and pans need to be bought, and cooking skills have to be touched up on (ie how inventive you can be with pasta). I can probably imagine your Nan keeps saying how proud she is and, although that does become tedious, she’s right. There is a lot to deal with, so give yourself a break. You are allowed to be excited and apprehensive about what is to come. It is scary to leave a familiar environment for something completely new. Some people don’t have a problem with this change; others are more nervous. I was one of the nervous ones; therefore here are some tips that I would recommend about the first couple of weeks of your university adventure whether you can’t wait to leave or you’re absolutely bricking it.

1) Making Friends – It can be difficult to make conversation with people you have never met before but (cliché as it sounds) everyone is in the same boat. People aren’t as scary as they seem, I promise. It can be hard to think of topics for conversation but just keep it simple. Things about where you are from and what course you’re studying are good ‘go to’s’ as you could probably talk for hours about these and the other person can easily relate.

2) Planning – If you’re anything like me, you forget everything, especially without your mum to remind you. Therefore the best advice I could give to you is to get a diary. One which shows a whole week is very useful as you can see everything visually. This helps you prepare for deadlines and you can see how much time you have to fit other things in such as nights out and clubs. After getting into the habit of keeping a diary, it will come so much easier, so it will be like second nature. You can still have a good time and get good grades: it’s just about good planning.

3) Clubs – University is full of different societies so there will be something for you. You’ll probably never get an opportunity like this again so I would make the most of it. Not forgetting, it will be really fun and a great way to make friends.

4) Cooking – Accept you aren’t the next Gordon Ramsey and make the best of it! When I first started university, I could just about boil an egg (and even that was a struggle!). The thing that helped me the most was a student cookbook which had really easy recipes in and I eventually got to more complicated things (like poaching an egg). Another good tip is to cook with your flatmates as it’s cheaper and the washing up is halved!

So there are my pearls of wisdom! I hope they helped and if you’re ever in doubt, just remember that university is for enjoyment (and yes, studying) and don’t forget that. Enjoy.

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