Helpful and Homely – The little Extras to Pack…if you have the space!

Third Year Psychology Student, Kate shares her views on the little extras to pack, if you have the space!

After two years of student living, I’ve had 1000’s of conversations about what people wish they had brought to University to make their room homely. I can assure you bringing them will make University life a whole lot easier and make you feel at Home.

So here are my Top 5:

1. Bed Sheets + Spares

Now remembering one set is obvious, but not many remember two unless you’re extremely organized or like décor.

Practically speaking, you do have to wash your sheets and so when they’re not dry you’ll wish you had a spare. Also they make your room your own, and you can have fun with different patterns and colour schemes.

When you get back from a long day you’ll be grateful for an inviting bed.

2. Fluffy Blanket and Cushions

Both Helpful and Homely: Helpful- Warmth, quite simply you will get cold at some point especially on winter nights revising. Cushions also make a great addition when multiple people are hanging out in your room and need somewhere to sit.

Homely- Again, making your bedroom your own is vital to make yourself feel comfortable but to also stick your personality on a place. Experiment with new ideas, it’s a great time to try new ideas on a blank slate.

F.Y.I-Blankets are great to cuddle up with when feeling a bit home sick.

3. Photos

Essential to make the room yours, because it is for the next year. You can easily print them on Paper, in boots or even get cute polaroid’s made (Click here for an example!) Whatever works for you. Lots of people pin them up, use white-tac or attach them to strings. Most Rooms will have pin boards- so don’t forget pins!

Photos are also helpful when you’re lacking motivation and need some inspiration, but also if you’re feeling homesick and need a smile during a tough day. Most importantly they can be a great conversation starter with new flat mates.

4. Lighting

Good Lighting always helps make your room feel more cozy and great when you don’t want to switch the main light on. Depending on what you want the lighting for determines the type: a Desk lamp for those 3am essays, Floor Lamp for late night gatherings or fairy lights for aesthetic chic*. Again, experiment with different styles and themes as there are so many types of lighting out there.

*check the university requirements here but battery operated fairy lights should be fine.

5. Full Length Mirror

This one is more helpful than homely. We’ve all put on an outfit, think we look great but don’t realise it doesn’t match. Well, I have but if you haven’t, I am saving you some embarrassment. They are also a great main feature in your room and can be decorated with pretty fairy lights and Photos.

Kates Helpful Warning for Room Decor:

Be careful what you use on the walls and furnishing.

Check your accommodations rules otherwise you may be charged for damage. For those living in halls this is the Halls Handbook!

My Recommendation is use white-tac if allowed, as it leaves less of a stain or use Command Hooks as they are easily removable but it is recommended to use the pin board provided.

£ Kates Top Recommended Shops for Cheap Homeware £

– Primark

– Wilko

– Argos

– Ikea

– Amazon

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