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I recently attended the first of this year’s UROP Information Sessions run by the Careers Service.

UROP stands for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme and is an opportunity to do a 6-week paid research internship here on campus this summer.

I knew a little about the UROP programme before I attended the session, from information available online and from talking to a friend who did a UROP internship last summer.  I am seriously considering doing either an MSc or a PhD after my Undergraduate degree and feel this is an ideal opportunity to gain valuable experience doing research and, basically, to see if it is the sort of thing I would enjoy.

The bulk of this year’s opportunities were made available on Monday 19th February from a wide range of schools and departments, with approximately 50 internships available in total.  Unfortunately, there are none from my department, Mathematics, this year so I felt that I probably wasn’t going to get much out of the session.

However, I came away with a number of positives:

  • First and foremost a free pen, quite a nice free pen to be honest.
  • Advice that you are not limited to applying for placements solely within your own department or school. You can apply for any for which you have the necessary skills and/or experience.
  • There is a lot of support available before and during the placement from the Careers team.
  • A 3rd year student gave a short presentation and answered questions about the UROP project that she did last summer.
  • You get one hour for your Red Award by attending.
  • And that if successful in getting a UROP internship, the hours that you work also count towards your Red Award

The session reaffirmed what I understood about the UROP Scheme beforehand.  It is an opportunity to work for 6 weeks on a research project alongside an academic, you will gain valuable research experience that will look great on your CV and the academic gets support for 6 weeks.   All internships pay a £1,320 tax-free bursary, and there are a range of opportunities available across most schools and departments; check out the links below.  The application closing date for the majority of the roles is 29th March.

If you think a summer research internship may be the right thing for you, then the Careers Service are running several more of the information sessions, which can be booked through MyJobsOnline.

Details about the programme can be found here on the UROP home page.

And details about this year’s opportunities can be found via the following link






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