Trying to settle in at university? Here are a few tips!

Student Liam’s top tips on settling in…

Hey guys, I hope all of you are excited about starting at university! Gosh, I can remember back when I was a Fresher (I feel so old now), and I understand that university can seem a little confusing at first. Not to worry, I have some tips to help out:

  1. Socialising!

There is nothing more reassuring than meeting people in the same boat as you at university. As a start, why not try talk to your flatmates or people from your course? Additionally, another great way to branch out is to attend some events at the University during term time.
Personally, I found that building a group of friends made delving into university much more exciting and comfortable.

(Making friends with the local wildlife on campus.)

  1. Societies!

Love a bit of K-pop? Do you fancy making some fruity cocktails (I need one now to be honest)? There is definitely a society out there for you to try! Not only are you able to meet like-minded people, but you can also partake in something you enjoy. Here is the full list of societies that you can join at the University of Reading.

I am really interested in screenwriting and so I am definitely joining the Film Society this year; I hope to see you there if you are interested.

  1. Exploring!

We have all been there: you are on campus; you are looking for one of your upcoming lectures; and it feels like you are stuck in a labyrinth. I really would recommend just turning on Google Maps and going for a stroll. You could check out bus routes, where the town centre is located, and even just walk around the Reading campuses.
Just another little suggestion, downloading this map of the UoR Whiteknights campus is a blessing during the first few weeks.

(Just walking around the beautiful lake on campus.)

  1. Wellbeing!

Your health and wellbeing at university is the top priority. As such, it is really important that you register with your local GP. If things get a bit too overwhelming—which is totally understandable—then it is worth getting in touch with the UoR’s counselling and wellbeing service.

  1. Organisation!

I know, I know, this is the boring stuff. However, this is also really important stuff to know. The first few weeks of university have a lot going on—from Welcome Week events to your lectures.

A helpful way to organise all this without frying your brain (the University does not want that!) is to make a personal calendar or diary of events. I prefer using Google Calendar to keep everything in one place; I also frequent the UoR’s personalised timetable to know exactly what events I have coming up.

Thanks for your time, guys. Have a great time at university!


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