New Teaching Technology installations, Allen Lab and Palmer building

The AV team have completed three new teaching room AV installations, one in Allen Lab G09 and two in the Palmer building, G01 & G02. All three rooms now incorporate new teaching technology desks and display.  A 75″ high definition flat panel screens allow content to be displayed from the desk PC or choose HDMI or VGA connection for room users’ own devices. Control of the AV equipment has been simplified by using our standard Crestron control panel, consistent with all centrally bookable teaching rooms. Although all three rooms include a document camera, Palmer G01 and G02 both support the new generation document camera that allows easier writing positions for both left- and right-handed users. Palmer G01 also has the addition of an interactive monitor that allows users of the room to annotate and interact with content which is simultaneously displayed to the rest of the room. These new interactive monitors also have built-in camera and microphone allowing users to use software such as Skype for video link-up. Our new interactive monitors will be rolled out to all Palmer rooms in due course. We hope that all users of the equipment find the installation greatly improves the teaching and learning experience in this room. Feedback is greatly welcomed to help us understand room requirements. If you would like to know more about any of the technology in these or any other room, please get in touch via TOPdesk or the IT service desk to arrange a demonstration.