Resolving problems in Meteorology GU01

As some staff will be aware, we have been experiencing problems with the AV equipment in the lecture theatre, Meteorology GU01.  This theatre had been scheduled for an upgrade over the Christmas break by the TEL & AV Team.  However we realise that the deterioration in the performance of the AV equipment has accelerated and have now put new plans in place as follows:

  • The in-house upgrade has been brought forward and will now take place during the week commencing 5th November, 2018.  Our thanks to Room Bookings, Events and Venue Reading for rescheduling sessions that were due to take place in the theatre during that week.
  • A new projector has been installed as a temporary measure to improve the image.  It has not been possible to reprogram the control panel on the lectern so this will need to be controlled via a remote device that has been left in the room.
  • We are checking the room daily and monitoring calls to the Service Desk for any issues.

We want to reassure you that we are continuing with our schedule of AV Upgrades across campus.  Although we have a prioritised plan, we will respond as quickly as possible where a teaching space becomes unfit for purpose.

Helena Bampton
TEL & AV Manager
Information Technology