AV Upgrades

AV UPGRADES 2021/22:

The Teaching Spaces Technology Team have been focused on the installation of equipment ready for the soft launch of Learning Capture in January 2022.  However, we have managed to complete/schedule a small number of AV upgrades.  Further rooms will be scheduled soon.

Building Room Completed
Business School G11 01/07/2021
Business School 101 01/07/2021
Business School 102 01/07/2021
Business School 201 01/07/2021
Business School G03 01/07/2021
Business School G04 01/07/2021
London Road L22 G03
Chemistry LT1
London Road L22 111
London Road L22 108
London Road L22 113
London Road L22 114
London Road L22 109
London Road L22 110