Staff: Help and Support for AV equipment

Request a one-to-one session

  • If you are new to the University or have not yet used the AV equipment installed in our teaching rooms, the AV Team are happy to offer help and advice on its use.  Book your one-to-one training session by filling in the relevant form (login required).

Instructions should be available in the classroom – what if they are missing?

  • We have placed instructions on the use of the AV equipment in all teaching rooms. However these can sometimes get misplaced so we have  also provided them online at: User Guides.

Before delivering your first lecture…

  • Familiarise yourself with the AV equipment in the room using our online guides or book a session with the AV Team
  • Arrive at your teaching room a few minutes early to upload or connect to any presentation materials

Need urgent help?

  • If you experience any issues when using the equipment, please call the IT Service Desk on Extension 6262.