T&L Support

Links to online guides:


Using AV Equipment: Guidance for staff on the use of our tech tables in teaching rooms.

Microsoft Ink: Use of Microsoft Ink on our interactive screens.

Presenter Mode: How to enable it in the teaching room:

  1. Press Windows key + P until extended display is selected.
  2. Open a Power point presentation
  3. F5 key to start the presentation (once you are in extended mode)
  4. In the bottom left corner select the ‘…’.
  5. Then select ‘Show Presenter View’.
  6. At the end of your lecture, please revert the display back to the original setting – normally this would be Duplicate mode.

Using Presenter Mode: How to use the interactive features of presenter mode.


Skype for Business: IT guidance on the use of Skype for Business.

Setting up a Skype Meeting: Interactive guide to help you set up an online meeting.