Add a profile image

Upload an image or avatar of yourself to your Blackboard profile. This will let your lecturers see who you are when they look at the list of students enrolled on the course and when you have made an online contribution, for example when you have made a blog post or discussion board message. (Note: Other students on your module/s will be able to see a small thumbnail image of you where this appears.)

How to add a profile image

  • Go to the Global Navigation panel and click Settings > Personal Information. (See the top right hand corner of Blackboard and click on your name to show the Global Navigation menu.)


  • From the Personal Information page, click Personalise My Settings.


  • In the page that opens, under the Avatar Image section, select Use custom avatar image and use the Browse My Computer to upload an image of yourself.


Image sizing advice: You will need to re-size your image before uploading it. It should be square (equal length and height). It should ideally be 150 x 150 pixels in size. If your image is larger, the system will reduce the image to fit these dimensions. Be aware: If your image is not square then it will be distorted to fit the dimensions.


Note: You can change or choose not to display your avatar image at any time by returning to the Personalise My Settings page and editing the options.