Blackboard Assignment: What file types can I submit?

File upload icon

You are able to submit any file type, and any number of files in a single Attempt, to a Blackboard Assignment. However, if your tutor is planning to provide online feedback directly onto your document within Blackboard, then your work will need to be submitted in one of the following supported document formats:

      • Word (doc, docx)
      • PowerPoint (ppt, pptx)
      • Excel (xls, xlsx)
      • PDF

After you upload a file, you may edit the link name to the file. This link title appears to users instead of the name of the document. For example, type “My Introduction” as the link title instead of the file name “introduction.doc.”

If your assignment is going to be marked online, check that you can see a preview of the assignment once you have submitted – if you can’t view the submitted paper on screen, then staff marking your work won’t be able to view it. Always check the files you have submitted to make sure that they can be viewed or downloaded.

Further information can be found on the Blackboard Help Site: Supported File Types