Can’t log-in

1. Use your University IT username and password to log-in directly to Blackboard.

  • RememberYour student number is not the same as your IT username. Your username is a mix of letters and numbers (e.g. ab123456).
  • Check the username and password you have entered for typos and spelling mistakes.
  • Make sure Caps Lock is turned off and Num Lock is turned on on the computer keyboard when entering your Password.


2. Are you fully enrolled?

  • If you are a new student,  you will need to have fully enrolled before you have access to Blackboard.
  • It will take 1 to 2 days for the information entered in RISIS (the student registration system) to reach Blackboard as it is updated in an overnight feed.
  • Have you paid your fees? Your account may become disabled some time into the term if you have not yet paid your fees.


3. Are you using your most recent username and password?

  • If you have been re-issued with a new username and password, your old details will not work. (For example, if you move from being undergraduate to a post graduate student.)
  • Make sure your Internet browser is not trying to automatically log you in with the old username and password it has saved in the browser history.


4. Can you log-in to other University systems?

  • If you can log-in to Me@reading, University email and RISIS with your existing IT username and password this indicates that these details are correct.
  • You may just need to wait for Blackboard to update your enrolment status from the RISIS system. This can take 1 to 2 days as this information is updated in an overnight feed.
  • If you have waited for your enrolment details to update in Blackboard and still cannot login, please contact IT Service Desk.


5. Is your computer set up correctly and are you using a supported browser?


6. Should I reset my password?

  • If you can log-in to other University systems (e.g. Email, RISIS) with your IT username and password then you do not need to reset your password, as your account details are working.
  • You should only reset your password as a last resort and with caution! 
  • If you reset your password, remember to re-enter your new password where it might have been saved e.g. Wi-Fi (Eduroam) or Email accounts on your mobile device or computer.
  • Check with IT Service Desk before resetting your password.