What do the course codes mean?

Each course listed on the Enrolments tab shows a Blackboard course code as well as the course name. It is usually made up of the module code used in RISIS (the student registration system) with some extra letters and numbers at the end. This is a unique code for the course.


Any courses with codes ending in:

  • 16-7 for example, shows the academic year, (e.g. 2016/17).
  • 16-7A (or some other single letter) is related to the instance of the module in RISIS.
  • 16-7PR indicates a degree programme.
  • 16-7NR refers to courses that are not recorded in RISIS.
  • 16-7SH represents a single course on Blackboard that is made up of more than one module or programme from RISIS and is called a ‘shared course’. All of the students from the modules or programmes that make up the shared course are enrolled on it.

Useful tip: Please quote the course code if you ever need to raise an issue about a course in Blackboard with the IT Service Desk.