Blackboard Upgrade – Summer 2015

The upgrade of Blackboard in the summer to the latest version (9.1 2014) will provide you with access to some new and enhanced features. Here is a round-up of some of the new features:

A real student preview. Instructors can see exactly what a student sees in a course area, including the ability to submit assignments, take an online test or join a group, and even view results in My Grades.

True Anonymous grading using the Blackboard assignment tool.

Delegated marking of Blackboard assignments. This feature provides a streamlined online workflow for the allocation of assignments to markers, double marking and the reconciliation of grades.

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Blackboard moving to managed hosting

What is managed hosting?

We are really pleased to announce that Blackboard, the University’s virtual learning environment is moving to managed hosting. This means that the servers used to provide the Blackboard software and file storage will be provided off-site by the Blackboard company.

This will improve the reliability and performance of Blackboard and enable us to introduce the latest features of the software with minimal disruption (or even no downtime at all).

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SeLC Meeting on Monday 8 June

TEL CQSD are as excited as the people in the photo below at the prospect of seeing the university’s School eLearning Co-ordinators (SeLCs) on Monday 8 June 2015 to share with them exciting TEL updates and developments, ranging from our planned Blackboard upgrade to the latest on eAssessment at the university. Lunch is from 12.15pm – we’ll see you there!

Pic of happy people

Group of five happy children jumping on meadow.