Update on the use of Green Stickers with the e-submission of coursework

The first phase of the University’s transition to full e-assessment (work is submitted, marked and graded electronically) is the expectation for the electronic submission of coursework: From 2015 all UG and PGT students, where appropriate, will submit coursework electronically. 

Students identified as requiring Green Stickers for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) now need to add an electronic Green Sticker to each assignment submitted online.

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TEL Team talk Blackboard at 2015 Module Fair


The TEL CQSD team ready & eager to advise new students about Blackboard

As the rain splashed down on Welcome Week’s inflatable Dome, the TEL CQSD team were excited to participate in our first Module Fair. Plenished with a plethora of Blackboard freebies, our mission (which we chose to accept) was to distribute as many of our advisory postcards and talk to as many new students about accessing Blackboard as we could. As the doors were opened (or, more precisely, unzipped!), fresh-faced students flooded in to an expectant arena to select their modules and chat with staff from a range of the university’s support services.

We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting and advising our attentive students about how to log in, when they’d see their modules and where to find help. It was a perfect opportunity to also alert them to the new Blackboard Student app (coming soon!) which will give them anywhere and any time access to their course materials via their mobile devices. We were encouraged to find that many of the students were already aware of Blackboard and keen to find out how to access it.

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How to organise your courses on your Enrolments tab in Blackboard

Is your Courses section on your Enrolments tab on Blackboard a bit cluttered? Do you see a long list of courses perhaps displayed in no particular order? Are courses from previous years being displayed that you no longer wish to see?

Did you know that you can decide which courses to display, group them by academic year and decide what information about each course you’d like to appear on your Enrolments page? This short video shows you how to tailor your list of Courses to suit you and make a cluttered Courses section a thing of the past!

Help! my course menu is blank!

A few staff have logged support calls since the Blackboard upgrade because their course or organisation menu appears to be blank. If this applies to you, don’t panic, there is a very simple fix – please see our guide Resetting the colour of your course menu.

Follow the steps in this guide and your course or organisation menu will revert from this

blank organisation menu

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Emailing Turnitin non-submitters

A few weeks ago Turnitin introduced a new ‘Email non-submitters’ feature – but unfortunately we then had to advise staff that this wouldn’t work in Blackboard.

We’re pleased to be able to announce that Turnitin have now carried out some additional development work, and as a result you will be able to email students who have not yet submitted to a Turnitin assignment – even if that assignment is set to be marked anonymously.

How to use this feature

When you go into a Turnitin inbox (via Control Panel > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments on your Blackboard course) you will see ‘Email non-submitters’ just above the list of student names.

Turnitin: Email non-submitters

Clicking on that link allows you to compose an email which will be sent to any student on the course who has not yet submitted to the Turnitin assignment in question. Continue reading

What’s new in Blackboard

Over the bank holiday we successfully upgraded Blackboard, which now includes a number of long-awaited new enhancements. We are very excited that Blackboard has had a make-over and now includes a new look, easier navigation and quick access to courses, fully automated anonymous and delegated marking, a student preview and two brand new tools, tracking students’ online performance and creating sign up lists.

Experience the new features by watching the screencast (4 min) below. For detailed overviews and video tutorials of the new features please read on and access the links below the screencast. Do not forget to visit the ‘Support for Staff’ tab to find our step-by-step guides!

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