Update on the use of Green Stickers with the e-submission of coursework

The first phase of the University’s transition to full e-assessment (work is submitted, marked and graded electronically) is the expectation for the electronic submission of coursework: From 2015 all UG and PGT students, where appropriate, will submit coursework electronically. 

Students identified as requiring Green Stickers for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) now need to add an electronic Green Sticker to each assignment submitted online.

The new electronic Green Sticker takes the form of a JPG image file which is personalised for each student through the use of an individually assigned number. Please note that this ‘RA number’, generated by the Disability Office, is NOT the same as the student number in order to preserve anonymity during marking. The RA number is now being included in all recommendations produced by the Disability Office.

Example green sticker

Example green sticker

How will the system work for students?

These stickers will be sent directly to students by the Exams Office, as part of the standard email confirming University exam arrangements. The email includes a link to a web page with guidance on how to insert the sticker into coursework: http://bit.ly/uorgreenstickers.

This page will be updated as needed, and there are plans to add a screencast of the process very soon.

Sample emails – for new and continuing students – are provided here for your reference:

The use of paper stickers will also continue for any work that cannot be submitted electronically and these will be distributed as usual by School Disability Reps.

How will the system work for staff?

This guide addresses questions which staff involved in marking work are likely to have: Electronic submission and Green Stickers – Staff Guide

In particular it provides guidance on how to record – as you are required to do – whether or not you have taken the recommendations relating to SpLD into account when marking the student’s work. Guidance is provided for a number of e-marking scenarios:

  • Feedback provided through Turnitin GradeMark
  • Feedback provided on a Turnitin Assignment via the Blackboard Grade Centre
  • Feedback provided on a Blackboard Assignment through Inline Grading
  • Feedback provided on a Blackboard Assignment via an uploaded feedback sheet


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