Using a qualitative Blackboard Rubric? Here’s something to look out for!

Some colleagues who are using Blackboard assignments to mark student work will have set up a Rubric for use in providing feedback. Typically this will be a qualitative (non-scoring) Rubric called a ‘No Points’ rubric that does not automatically assign a grade as each box is ticked, but is a way of indicating to the student how well they have performed against each assessment criterion.

We have discovered a minor issue in using such Rubrics which markers should be aware of.

After filling-out and saving the rubric, it resets any grade entered in the Attempt grade field to 0 and you will then need to re-enter the grade.

Since these are non-scoring Rubrics, filling out and saving a Rubric should not enter anything in the Grade field. However, when you save a non-scoring Rubric, Blackboard enters a 0 in the Grade field – overwriting any mark which had previously been entered there.

The workaround for this is always to complete the Rubric before entering a Grade.

If you have entered a Grade, and then need to edit the Rubric, make sure that you take a note of the mark awarded before doing so.

Blackboard are aware of this issue and plan to fix it in a forthcoming software release.



Blackboard Assignment - using a Rubric

1. The Grade for this Attempt showing as 62.

2. Click where shown to open the Rubric.

3. Fill out the Rubric and Save.

Blackboard Assignment - Rubric has reset grade to 0

4. Grade for this Attempt has now reverted to 0.

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