Reminder: Annual Blackboard Course Rollover – action may be required

This is just a reminder that course rollover will take place over the weekends of 30th – 31st July and 6th – 7th August.

And that, if you need to submit a request for your course to be copied forward for use next year, now is the time to do it.


What do I need to do?

Standard RISIS modules and programmes

If you are teaching the same course in 2016-17 as in 2015-16, and it is a standard RISIS module or programme – you don’t need to do anything to ensure that it is copied forward.

But just to be on the safe side, check if your course is listed on the Course Copy Status page.

If it’s not shown there, email asap.


Around 90% of Blackboard courses are standard RISIS modules and programmes, so most staff don’t actually need to do anything at this stage.


Other types of Blackboard course: Shared courses, Non-RISIS courses, and courses where the module code is changing

You need to submit a request using the Course Copy Request Form

Please do this no later than 15th July to ensure that your course is ready for the new academic year.


Full details of what to do in each scenario are on the Annual Course Rollover page of this blog,

and there’s a concise summary in tabular form here: Blackboard course rollover checklist

rollover checklist (thumbnail)


Other questions staff have asked

Will links to online reading lists be copied forward?

If you had a published Talis Aspire online reading list for your 2015-16 course, any links to this list in Blackboard will be copied forward to your new 2016-17 course. You will have to go through a very simple process to make sure the links point to your 2016-17 reading list. Full details of what to do will be sent out when the new courses have been created, in early August, and are already on the Library’s reading lists guide for academic staff: Blackboard rollover FAQs / updating reading list links for the new academic year .

If you did not have a link to your online reading list in 2015-16 it is a simple process to create one for your 2016-17 course, see the Library’s guide for details:

N.B. Your 2016-17 list must be published before you link to it on Blackboard.


What happens to 2015-16 courses?

Courses from the current year are not affected at all by course rollover – they may be copied for use in 2016-17, but no changes are made to the 2015-16 courses. You should keep these courses set as ‘Available’ so that continuing students can refer back to course materials, and the feedback they received, in subsequent years.

The only changes you will see are on final year modules, as students’ IT and Blackboard accounts are disabled roughly one month after graduating. This has the effect of making the students invisible on the course, and in the Grade Centre. Please contact if you know that this will cause a problem for you.

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