Changes to Blackboard colour scheme and design

The Blackboard upgrade originally scheduled for Bank Holiday Monday has been postponed until later in the academic year.

However we have applied some changes to the colour scheme and styles in use on our Blackboard system.

For most users the most noticeable change will be that – in response to user comments, and after consultation with DPS – the top banner is now grey rather than red.

However changes have also been made to improve the visibility of information on the Enrolments tab and elsewhere. For instance, where you are enrolled on a number of courses with different roles, it was previously difficult to see where one list ended and the next began. With the new styles in place, this should now be much clearer.

Courses listing

There are other areas in Blackboard e.g. the Groups management pages, where the visibility of text and menu items has been improved.

Henley Business School staff:

you will continue to see a blue top banner in Blackboard, but the other improvements mentioned here have also been applied to the HBS Blackboard brand.


If you find any areas where information on the page is not clearly visible, please log these with as it may be possible to tweak our stylesheets further to address the issues.

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