NEW Student Support tab in Blackboard

A new help site has been developed for students to support them in their use of Blackboard and Turnitin! The site covers everything from answers to students’ frequently asked questions to essential advice on how to submit assignments online.

Students can now access a clean and simple help site when they click on the ‘Support for Students’ tab within Blackboard.


As members of staff you also have access to this tab to see what help is available and assist students to find the help they need.

The help site contains all of the same information that was previously available but the refreshed layout should make it easier and quicker for students to locate information.

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Support Services for Staff: 2016-2017

There will be some temporary limitation in some of the support services that the TEL team are able to give in 2016-2017.  We have also made changes to streamline the way staff access support and advice.  Details of these arrangements are as follows:

Do you need help with Blackboard and Turnitin queries and trouble-shooting?

1. Check the Help Guides:

Our comprehensive, easy to access online materials can provide you with many of answers you might need:


2. Get help from a colleague:

Ask a colleague on your module/programme/School – they may know the answer and the most effective way to tackle your problem.


3. Submit your query to the IT Service Desk:

If you can’t find an answer to your query, you can contact the IT Service Desk where your query will be resolved or redirected to the appropriate team.

Using the IT Service Desk ensures that queries are handled promptly, fairly and in order.

Please note that e-mails and phone calls to individual TEL team members will be directed to go via the IT Service Desk

You contact the IT Service Desk by: email; phone x6262; entering your query on the Self Service Portal.


What help can I get from the Student Support Centres?

If you are a member of staff and need to be enrolled onto an existing module, your Senior Programme Administrator in your Student Support Centre will be able to assist you.

Your Programme Administrators may also be able to assist with general Blackboard course management queries relating to Programme Administration


What support can the TEL team offer me?

The TEL team will be running a selection of TEL staff development sessions open to all.

For a discussion on a particular aspect or use of TEL within your module / programme, you can book a one-to-one TEL Surgery (30 mins). Book a staff development session or a surgery slot.

Bespoke sessions for Schools or Services will be provided again once the TEL team have recruited two members of staff.


Supporting your new students to use Blackboard – help is available!

Welcome Week 2016 is now less than a week away! It’s an ideal opportunity to introduce your new students to Blackboard and show them how to submit assignments online and where to find self-help materials. You’ll be pleased to hear that the TEL team have produced some customisable PowerPoint resources to help you to do this. Visit Blackboard’s Support for Staff tab where you’ll find a section called ‘Resources to use with your students’, as shown.

Support for Staff tab














Here you’ll find PowerPoint resources ready for you to amend to suit and help you support your students in their use of Blackboard:

Resources to use with students









Please also remember to signpost your students to Blackboard’s Support for Students tab for links to guides and help materials on all aspects of using Blackboard and Turnitin in their studies.

If students are unable to self-help using these resources and you find yourself unable to advise, they can contact staff in the relevant Student Support Centre or can get in touch directly with the IT Helpdesk by emailing

We hope you find these resources and reminders helpful and wish you every success in the new term!


Students now get submission receipts for Blackboard Assignments

In the past, when students have submitted work to the Blackboard Assignment tool they did not receive a receipt. This was a source of dissatisfaction for both staff and students, as work submitted via the Turnitin tool does generate a receipt, emailed to their University email address.

This issue has now been addressed – the University has paid Blackboard for an additional building block (plug-in) and this was made live on Wednesday evening.

So now, every time a student submits work to a Blackboard assignment, a receipt will be sent to their University email address. This receipt contains the following information:

  • a submission ID
  • the student’s name and student number
  • the assignment title
  • the title and ID of the Blackboard course
  • date and time of submission
  • a link to the file(s) submitted
  • a link to a web version of the receipt

Blackboard Assignment receipt


We have updated the guidance available to students via the Support for Students tab on Blackboard

Please note our advice to students

  • Do not delete the email receipt – you should retain it as proof of submission.
  • This receipt only indicates that a submission has been made by you on the date and time shown, and received by Blackboard.
  • It is not confirmation that a file you have submitted is correct or has uploaded properly.
    Always check the files you have submitted to make sure that they can be viewed or downloaded.

Even with a receipt, the onus is still on the student to ensure that they have submitted the correct files, that they are in the correct format, and that they can be viewed in and/or downloaded from Blackboard. Not all students will read our guidance, of course, so please reiterate these points to any of your students who are required to submit work to Blackboard assignments.

Staff access to receipts

Once a student has submitted to a Blackboard assignment on your course, you will find that a Receipts folder has been created in the course Fileshare, and all submission receipts will be stored here.

Receipts folder


For each receipt you can identify

  1. the student username (contained within the filename)
  2. the date and time of submission

assignment receipts


You would have to open a receipt to see other details, such as which assignment it relates to, or what files were submitted.

So identifying submission by a specific student to a specific assignment could be time-consuming. But, in case of dispute, the first step would be to ask the student to forward to you the receipt which was emailed to them.

We hope that the introduction of Blackboard assignment receipts will reduce student anxiety around e-submission, and increase transparency for both staff and students as to what was submitted when.