2018-19 enrolments now being created in Blackboard

We are now into the 2018-19 academic year, and from Monday any 2018-19 course enrolments already registered in RISIS will start to flow into Blackboard.

Module Convenors on Part 2 and 3 modules: if you want your students to be able to access your Blackboard course, simply make your course available.

You’ll also want to email them to alert them that the course is available, as they’re probably not checking Blackboard on a daily basis just now!


Please note

This applies only to returning students (e.g. 2nd and 3rd years). 

New students (i.e. Part 1 and new PGT students) will not have full access to IT systems until they complete their enrolment in late September, and it is only at that point that they will be able to log on to Blackboard and access their courses.

Choosing course roles in Blackboard

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We have now updated our guide on course roles in Blackboard to cover what various roles can and can’t do in more detail. Different course roles have different levels of access to Blackboard areas and tools, so it is important to allocate the most suitable roles to those involved in teaching or managing a module.

It also describes the introduction of 2 new roles, one dedicated to External Examiners and the other for members of staff associated with the University through partnerships.

The guide also includes advice on choosing the right role for the type of access required. You can find this guide under the Course Management section of the Support tab or access it here:

NEW GuideCourse roles in Blackboard


How to organise your courses on your Enrolments tab in Blackboard

Is your Courses section on your Enrolments tab on Blackboard a bit cluttered? Do you see a long list of courses perhaps displayed in no particular order? Are courses from previous years being displayed that you no longer wish to see?

Did you know that you can decide which courses to display, group them by academic year and decide what information about each course you’d like to appear on your Enrolments page? This short video shows you how to tailor your list of Courses to suit you and make a cluttered Courses section a thing of the past!