Record from Webcam feature no longer available

If you look very closely at the editing toolbar inside Blackboard, you may notice that one of the icons on the bottom row has disappeared.

Record from webcam icon

This was the Record from Webcam icon, and we have removed it for the simple reason that – for reasons outside of our or Blackboard’s control – it no longer works.

Blackboard posted the following on their support site just before Christmas:

YouTube Ending Support for Record from Webcam

Issue Description: Google is discontinuing support for the ability to use your webcam to record video after January 16, 2016. This affects our Video Everywhere feature, which is built into Learn and will cease to function when Google disables it.

Please note that this change affects only the Record from Webcam tool in the Content Editor, which was probably not very widely used in any case.

The YouTube Mashup tool is not affected, and you can of course continue to use the embed code to bring YouTube content into your Blackboard course – see our guides in the support section of this blog.

For advice on recording screencasts and other video content, please check out the GRASS project blog.