Pint of Science: Food and Health

What the Fork? A Story of Food and Health

Whether you’re hungry or not, these talks will definitely be food for thought. You’ll be given an insight into how food can affect your health, myths will be debunked, and you’ll discover that the phrase “You are what you eat” is more literal than you think…

Dr. Gunter Kuhnle will cover the difficulties of sifting myth from fact when it comes to food fads, and Dr Vimal Karani will take a look at diet, genes and obesity – and the importance of nutrigenetic studies and their role in personalised nutrition.

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Research Seminar: Gene Synthesis

Latest Developments in Synthetic Biology : Gene Synthesis | Protein Expression | CRISPR 

Talk by Gavin Allsop (Fisher Scientific)


Gene synthesis has become the most cost effective way to increase protein quality and yield,  but more interestingly affords us the ability to develop vastly improved protein expression platforms and genome editing tools.

Our proprietary algorithm GeneOptimizer has shown vast improvements to protein expression, especially when used alongside ExpiCHO, Expi293 and ExpiSf. Here, one should come to expect expression yields in excess of 100s mg/L. Furthermore, with improvements to sequence clonability, site saturation mutagenesis and TRIM technology, the R&D team from Thermo Fisher Scientific have come to expect editing efficiencies of 90% in primary T cells; through updated Cas9 RNP based editing strategies.

This seminar promises to  explore peer reviewed data leading up to these developments. To look at improvements to HDR template design, editing in PAM deserts, functional protein screening and offers and end to off the shelf vector limitations.