Loddon Observatory Showcase

The Loddon Observatory is organising a Loddon Showcase on 25th September 2018, 12:30-4:00pm in Meadow Suite, Park House, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6UA.

This will be an opportunity to present and learn about work undertaken within the Loddon catchment on Water, Environment, Climate, Governance and Heritage and to meet other people from the University and our External Partners.

Please register online here by 14th September at the latest.

We are inviting abstracts, in particular for posters, and short 3-5 minute talks presenting research relevant to the Loddon catchment, to be submitted as soon as possible and by 14th September at the latest on the website above or by email to a.duranel@reading.ac.uk.



News from Prosperity and Resilience: Chuks Okereke

Professor Chuks Okereke

Professor Chuks Okereke

Professor Chuks Okereke is leading an ERSC Global Challenges Research Fund Grant to convene an international network on Governing Inclusive Green Economy in Africa (GIGGA). The project will build an interdisciplinary and international collaborative Network that can develop a substantive and innovative research agenda on the governance of green growth in Africa. The GIGGA Network comprises individuals from (i) four UK universities, (ii) academics from five countries in Africa and India, (iii) national and regional government institutions and departments; (iv) four research institutes and policy think tanks across Africa; (v) private sector (vi), top NGOs and civil society organizations in Africa.