Alzheimer’s researcher invited to the Captains’ table in San Marino

Dr Francesco Tamagnini

A University of Reading researcher has been honoured with a reception in his home country of San Marino.

On the 13th of August 2018, the Most Excellent Regent Captains of the Republic of San Marino received in a private audience five San Marino citizens working abroad and excelling in their own respective fields.

Dr Francesco Tamagnini, Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Reading School of Pharmacy, was one of the five, and had the chance to talk about his research into Alzheimer’s Disease and how his career path took him from San Marino to Reading.

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Pharmacy Seminar: Practice improvement

School of Pharmacy Research & Scholarship Seminar

Thursday 31st May, 1pm – 2pm, Hopkins 101

Professor Rick Iedema, Kings College London

Practice improvement, behaviour change, and the potential of video feedback

Rick Iedema is Professor and Director of the Centre for Team-based Practice & Learning in Health Care at King’s College London, U.K, a position that
straddles all of King’s Health Faculties. His main research interest is how clinicians and patients may realise the priorities of healthcare safety and practice improvement.
His most recent publications include Visualising Health Care Improvement (2013, Taylor & Francis), Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care (2015,
Cambridge University Press), and Video Reflexive Ethnography in Health Research and Healthcare Improvement (Taylor & Francis forthcoming).
Refreshments will be available from 12.50pm, bring your own lunch along. The talk will start promptly at 1pm.