Pint of Science: Your World, Your Science

Your World, Your Science

We are all scientists at heart, being curious about what we see and questioning the world around us. Scientists are now harnessing this collective curiosity, and involving the public in research – the time of Citizen Science is now! Come grab a drink, and hear about the wide range of Citizen Science projects happening at the University that you can get involved in. Go on, come join the revolution!

Dr Sarah Duddigan will explain what can a tea bag can tell you about soil, while Dr Clare Watt will speak about space weather and its impact on our lives, and Professor Ed Hawkins will cover the Weather Rescue project and highlight what the volunteers have helped discover!

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‘Powering down’ of sun will shift aurora to the poles

What happens to the Earth when the Sun’s activity hits a 300-year low, as is predicted in the next few decades?

Research published this morning in Scientific Reports by Dr Mathew Owens and Professor Mike Lockwood has the answer. And if you enjoy the occasional visit of the beautiful Northern Lights to latitudes as low as Britain, then sorry – it’s bad news.

Matt Owens talked about the research in this 1-minute video:

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