Is your email ID a reflection of your DI?

Title Theme Format Target audience
How do employers perceive your DI? Recognising your DI Online and print Students
Learning outcomesAt the end of this exercise you will be able to:

  • Identify your DI
  • Evaluate your DI from a particular point of view
  • Explain why certain usernames might not be appropriate to use in certain environments
Outline of exercise:

  • Short introduction on what DI is
  • Provide a list of usernames/emails e.g.

  • Learners will be asked to reflect on these in terms of what it might say about them to different audiences
  • Learners will be asked to assume to role of an employer and to assess how they might view a candidate with various usernames ( 2 equally good CVs one with jokey email and one with serious email – which would you take more seriously? Why?)