Privacy foiled by other people

One chap, Henry, decided he didn’t want his real name associated with any of the web content he had to create as part of his course, so went through the institution’s site and removed references to his name.  After he had finished, he made a blog post (his account was only known by his user ID, so most people would not be able to tell who it belonged to) to say what he had done.

Unfortunately, someone else decided that they liked his name, and posted a comment on his blog saying it was a shame he was hiding it, and by mentioning it re-created the link between name and blog.  This resulted in Henry deciding to totally remove his blog.

You should take care not to make links between people’s different facets of their identity – if they choose to keep them separate, as long as they are not doing so to defraud or harass others, you might be causing them real problems by making others aware of the links.