4. Workbooks and worksheets

The workbooks, suitable for class use or as a tool for self-study, are available in print form (at cost) or as PDFs for free download from Lulu.

We are also making Word versions available, and will be putting the worksheets up as pages on this site.

Each worksheet can be used stand-alone, or as part of a series to raise awareness and get the learner thinking about various aspects of their Digital Identity.

Some individual worksheets:

Check him out - worksheet 9 PDF format Check him out worksheet 9 - Word format Check him out!
Closed Communities - worksheet 7 PDF format Closed Communities worksheet 7 - Word format Closed Communities
Creating an SNS profile for an internship - worksheet 6 PDF format Creating an SNS for an internship worksheet 6 - Word format Creating a SNS profile for an internship?
DI and death - worksheet 3 PDF format DI and death worksheet 3 - Word format DI and Death
DI and tags- worksheet 8 PDF format DI and tags worksheet 8 - Word format DI and Tags
Locking down your DI - worksheet 1 PDF format Locking down your DI worksheet 1 - Word format Locking down your DI?
Name that penguin - worksheet 4 PDF format Name that penguin worksheet 4 - Word format Name that penguin
Smile please - worksheet 5 PDF format Smile please - worksheet 5 - Word format Smile Please
Twittering  - worksheet 2 PDF format Twittering  - worksheet 2 - Word format Twittering
Where am I? PDF format Where am I? - Word format Where am I?


This is Me (original student version) This is Me (original student version)

This Is Me (Careers) This Is Me (Careers)

This Is Me (Health professionals) This Is Me (Health professionals)

Seniors PDF format This Is Me (Seniors)

Seniors PDF formatKeeping Your Identity True To You (Japanese version for undergraduates)

Please Note:

Creative Commons License
This Is Me Activities by This Is Me is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

You are free to copy, modify and share them.  Let us know of any modifications you make – and of your experiences of using them.  We are especially happy if you choose to translate them to other languages, and would really appreciate you licensing them under the same license scheme so that the community can benefit.  It would be great if you could let us have a copy of any translated versions too!